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UAE Q4_2022_Module Image

UAE Real Estate Market Review Q4 2022: Exceptional market performance defies global trends

CBRE Insights Industrial 1_Module Image

Is the UAE I&L market calling out for speculative development?

DRS_Jan_2023_Module Image

Dubai Residential Market Snapshot January 2023: Rents and transactions reach record highs in 2022

DRS_Dec_2022_Module Image

Dubai Residential Market Snapshot December 2022: Record activity levels reached in November 2022

Qatar_Q3_2022_Module Image

Qatar Real Estate Market Review Q3 2022: Record occupancy rates during the World Cup

DRS - November - Sitecore

Dubai Residential Market Snapshot November 2022: Rental growth continues to accelerate in October 2022

Market Review - Module Image

UAE Real Estate Market Review Q3 2022: Strong growth despite global headwinds

DRS_Oct_2022_Module Image

Dubai Residential Market Snapshot October 2022: Rental growth in Dubai reaches record highs

CBRE Insights DSR_Sept_Module Image

Dubai Residential Market Snapshot September 2022: Rental growth remains near historic highs

CBRE Insights Retail 1_Module Image

Has Dubai’s F&B market ever been stronger?


Build Back Better


Proactive and creative retail solutions


Time to accelerate asset repositioning


Technology and the modern office


Resetting in the new normal

Design 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Design and Experience

tech 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Digital Technologies

Flexible 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Flexible Solutions


How will Dubai’s 2040 plan affect the economy and real estate sector?


A new benchmark for large land portfolio valuations

Arabian 608x436

The UAE is open for business

occupancy 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Occupancy


The power of Placemaking

location 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Location

talent 608

Resetting Real Estate Strategy : Talent

Gravel 608x436

Encouraging real estate activity through new UAE regulations

london 608x436

Which is London’s hottest residential borough?

2021 608x436

Thoughts and predictions on the UAE real estate sector in 2021

ecommerce 608 x436

E-commerce: Shaping the retail marketplace of the future

MOMRA 608x436

Ministry of Municipal Rural Affairs impact on the Saudi Arabia real estate market

camel 608x436

The significant benefits of domestic tourism

DOmestic tourism 608x436


desk 608 x 436

Hybrid working

refurb 608x436

Opening back into the ‘new’ normal hospitality sector

hotel 608x436 (1)


Retirement 608x436

How will the new retirees visa impact the UAE real estate market?

Investment 608x436

Challenges and opportunities for real estate investors

UAE MU H1 2020  608x436

The UAE H1 2020 Market Update

table 608 x 436

The potential long-term impact of COVID-19 on the GCC housing landscape

wall 608x436

Villas versus apartments in Dubai

Bicester village 608x436

COVID-19 and the future of Retail

ship 608x436

The changing flow of international trade


How the hospitality sector is evolving from the impact of COVID

survey 608x436

MENA home sentiment survey Q2 2020

hotel 608x436

Strategic advice for hotels and tourism assets

AI 608x436

The Rise of the Machine – Impacts and applications of AI in real estate

Gen z 608x436

The effects of Gen Z (iGen or Instagram Generation) on the economy

social 608x436

The impact of social commerce on retail

retail 1 608x436

The survival of retail bricks & mortar - cross-experience collaborations

Louvre 608x436

Culture and heritage tourism – a driver of global tourism

Green space 608x436

Green spaces and the public realm - driving well-being and enhancing value

Green space 608x436

Green spaces and the public realm - driving well-being and enhancing value


Reopening Workplaces Post-covid19: How To Plan Your Employees’ Return

KSA update 608x436

The growth of the Riyadh real estate sector


COVID-19 and the Rise of Micro-mobility


Flexible working strategies

workplace is healthy-square

Reopening workplaces post-lockdown: how to ensure your workplace is healthy

adapting to workspace changes square

Reopening workplaces post-lockdown: adapting to workspace changes

fluid workspace - physical to fluid-square

The Fluid Workspace: From Physical to Fluid


Are you looking to set up a new office?


Expo 2020 – The lead up to the World’s Greatest Show


How the Dubai metro is changing the way people live, work and play


How COVID-19 will transform the way offices are designed


The art of working remotely

Workplace trends 2 608x436

The Workplace of Tomorrow, Today


Student housing in the UAE, an untapped market for investment


How Food and Beverage is changing the shape of the retail sector


Key real estate trends for the UAE in 2020