Lifestyle Hotels: Consumer attitudes in the Middle East

July 20, 2022


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Lifestyle hotels are becoming a core part of the offering provided by operators and are experiencing increasing demand from developers.

The proliferation of lifestyle hotels has been rapidly accelerating over the past decade at a pace that has only quickened over the last three years. As new brands come to market, and existing brands are refreshed to include ‘lifestyle elements’, we wanted to check in with the end user to see what drives guest behaviour during the hotel decision-making process.

Key highlights covered in this report:

  • Developers should not overestimate guest preferences for smaller rooms in favor of collaborative spaces during development
  • Developers should not worry about brand penetration of lifestyle hotels. Even if the target market has not heard of them, they are willing to pay a premium
  • Lifestyle concepts work best in markets with a demographic under the age of 34, and at a price point between USD 100 and USD 150.
  • Once qualified, guests are willing to pay a 16% premium for a lifestyle property over a traditional one