A new benchmark for large land portfolio valuations

Helping clients to understand the value of their real estate; especially large land portfolios can be time consuming and costly

02 Mar 2021

By Cathal Kenny

A new benchmark for large land portfolio valuations
Throughout the Middle East, we are often asked to undertake market valuations of large mixed-use land portfolios, consisting of mainly agricultural and development plots. In order to arrive at a valuation, one must understand the current situation of each individual plot; the potential of each plot, and the contents of each plot.
Determining the above can sometimes be time-consuming and costly especially for large land portfolios where plots are located in remote locations.

The Challenges

Traditional methods can sometimes be slow, expensive, and often carry a high risk given the complexity of some instructions. These risks include but are not limited to potentially poor record-keeping and delays due to restricted access which can cause issues in the future.

Given the above risks and the need for accuracy, speed and record-keeping, CBRE recommends employing the use of drones for large land areas and portfolios where a detailing understanding of each plot is required.

  • Drone technology can quickly and accurately measure and record the contents of each plot in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Valuers can identify which plots required further inspection, ensuring nothing is missed.
  • Detailed data (to an accuracy of 1cm per pixel) provides relevant information to help determine the market value and future potential.


Creating Advantage

The data gathered by drones is precise enough to capture and assess every man-made and natural feature accurately. Conducting these surveys using drones opens a whole host of new possibilities, with the survey and valuation reports completed at a quicker turnaround time than ever before. The ROI return is considerable in terms of time & manpower reduced, especially in large-scale projects.

A new benchmark for large land portfolio valuations

Surveying and inspection using drone technology

  • Cost efficiencies v traditional methods
  • Quicker than traditional methods
  • Comprehensive data collection
  • Greatly reduced health and safety issues
  • Full compliance with Civil Aviation Authority rules and regulations

New perspectives

  • Operate in hard to get to areas, traversing distances in hours that would take days or weeks
  • Consistent high accuracy with georeferenced data
  • Clear and detailed visualisation with volumetric calculations and measurements

Providing innovative problem-solving strategies

  • Enables accurate valuation reports
  • Data held on a secure cloud platform

For more information on how CBRE can help provide valuation reports for your developments, contact: Cathal Kenny or visit our website for more detailed information.

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