Tess Lambourne

General Counsel

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Level 21, 363 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Tess is a dedicated commercial lawyer, with 10 years’ experience at CBRE and specialist knowledge of the property industry. Beyond just the legal matters, she ensures that the legal function is continually supporting the business as a true commercial partner.

She believes in developing strong relationships with internal business leaders by adding value to their operations and decision-making. This leads her to be proactive in analysing challenges, finding creative solutions, and negotiating win-win outcomes.

Together with her team of experienced legal professionals, Tess focuses on delivering prompt, reliable and practical legal advice to internal stakeholders throughout the business. She also works collaboratively with other key corporate services, such as the People, Finance, Compliance and IT teams.

Having a role beyond a particular area or service line gives the legal function a broader perspective on the organisation, its strengths and any challenges. This allows them to provide well-rounded support to the business leadership and facilitate connections across different teams.