During Q3 2019, the take-up reached 119,013 square meters, for a total of over 359,000 square meters YTD.

The Business Services sector has spearheaded the take up of the quarter with over 73,800 square meters, of which 30,000 were concentrated in the two largest pre-let of the quarter.

 Q3, of which around 8,400 square meters are new buildings.

Compared to Q2, the prime rent of CBD has grown to € 600 / sq.m / p.a. This is also the case of the Semicenter, which goes from €330 to € 350 / sq.m./p.a. but remains stable in the other submarkets.

Investors’ interest has continued to be strong and YTD 2019 investments have reached  € 1.5 billion, marking a + 18% compared to YTD 2018